In this course, Karen brings her warmth and wisdom directly to you as a personal grief coach. You choose the viewing order of sessions as you follow your heart’s needs. The video segments are listed alphabetically simply for convenience. Beyond the videos, a toolkit of engaging support materials will guide you towards healthy grief experiences, transitioning from suffering to hopefulness.  

Eight online video Sessions with downloads and includes a free Comfort for the Day autographed book. ($25 Value)

You choose the viewing order of sessions as you follow your heart’s needs.

The courses are listed alphabetically for our convenience. 

Video Segment Title Index

  • Defining Grief—Knowing what grief is and is not, what the healthy healing process will and will not do, provides you with a starting point for your destination.
  • Early Grief—Would it help to understand that the experiences of early grief are natural, normal, and necessary?
  • Forgiveness Part 1—There is not a more important aspect to our grief than working with our regrets and experiencing forgiveness.  
  • Freedom of Choice—Do you know you have options in your grief? Your paradigm can shift away from self-pity and victimization and move toward positive emotional and mental choices. 
  • Grief Work— Discover what Grief Work is and how you can regain control by practicing it. It begins to make a significant difference in how you feel.
  • Pain with a Purpose—No one likes pain, but maybe it is more valuable than we have known.
  • Tears—Who taught you NOT to cry? Who modeled healing tears? When you know that tears are healing, you can move forward in your grief. 
  • The Grieving Body—Learning how to care for your body makes a significant difference in how well you grieve.