Listen to Karen so you know you're not alone.

When your grief is a relentless 24/7 companion, welcome Grief You Have Options into your private pain. This virtual grief coaching process will become your new comforting friend, guiding you into whole-hearted living.

o  Your broken heart can begin healing as you follow the dynamic healthy grief tools provided in each video segment and printouts
o  Your pain, confusion, and suffering will be met with proven healthy grief options
o  You will experience trustworthy grief coaching from Karen Nicola M.A., your professional online grief coach

Karen’s coaching clients moved from despair to control,
taking one small step at a time.

She has guided them to find freedom from regrets,
resentment, and blame.

Her clients have learned to prepare for significant dates,
thus finding healing on those extra difficult days.

Your broken heart is worth the

investment of your time and means.

Grieving well is one of the best ways to honor your deceased loved one

Grieving well also means valuing your current relationships enough to take care of your broken heart

Wake up to your tomorrows with hope


The Grieving Body

Learning how to care for our body makes a significant difference in how well you grieve.

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Defining Grief

Knowing what grief is and is not, what the healthy healing process will and will not do, provides you with a starting point for your destination.

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Invite Karen into the privacy of your own home at your convenience to support your grief at anytime.

“If you're looking for a grief coach who integrates her faith into personal sessions both sparingly and effectively, Karen Nicola is the one! . . . It's about learning to grieve in a healthy manner and Karen definitely helped put me on the right track for that.” 

-Caleb King

Hi, I’m Karen.

Becoming a friend to the hurting heart has come through the inexpressible experience of watching my precious three year old son slip away in death to leukemia. I was determined to make sense of the pain, and discovered Biblical resources that comforted and brought me healing. Since then, acquiring several certifications in grief coaching and completing a masters of education have all contributed to creating this online school.

Eventually our book, Comfort for the Day, was written so others could access these same resources. When not creating online courses, I lead highly interactive workshops where my audiences learn about healthy grief and/or discover skills to authentically help grieving friends. 

My marriage of 40+ years is enhanced with two wonderful adult children and two granddaughters. I am committed to morning speed-walking and enjoy vegetarian cooking, reading, riding on the back of my husband’s motor cycle, and watching thought provoking movies. 

Making connections helps me foster a safe and supporting environment for my grief coaching clients. Watching them move from suffering to wholehearted living is deeply satisfying. 

Please check out my blog at and my Facebook page can be found at Comfort for the Day

I am looking forward to supporting you in your grief as you participate in the courses we have to offer.